The following scholars have provided comments, advice, and written content for Broadcasting America, for which we are very grateful:


Noah Arceneaux

Coordinator of Media Studies, San Diego State University

Gabriele Balbi

Associate Professor in Media Studies, USI Università della Svizzera italiana

Alexander Magoun

Outreach Historian, IEEE History Center

Allison Perlman

Associate Professor in History, Film and Media Studies, UC Irvine

Josh Shepperd

Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Colorado Boulder


We are also very grateful for the contributions of the following scholars who have provided written content for this resource:

Sage Goodwin

Fellow, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford

Cynthia Meyers

Professor Emerita, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Kristin Skoog

Principal Academic in Media History, Bournemouth University

Stacy Takacs

Professor, Oklahoma State University

Shawn VanCour

Associate Professor, University of California Los Angeles